7 Wonder – Ruins in English !

15 Jan


greeting again my english speaker friends ;)

after sailors, here’s the translation of ruins

all files are available at the end of the original article here : 7 wonder – Ruins

Feel free to comment to improve. Or correct my english if I made faults.

and for those who want to translate rules/cards in their langage, feel free to do it too, and contact me, I’ll translate the cards and put the rules online ;)


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6 réponses à “7 Wonder – Ruins in English !

  1. Jan Pokorny

    19 avril 2013 at 10:10

    Hello Aurelien,
    first of all I must thank you for all the beautiful work you did so far. The artwork and innovation are so fantastic!
    I came to the Ruins expansion and I like the idea very much, however I have doubts about rules. You write, that you play Ruins cars similar to Leaders, but earlier. So far so good.
    But in Leaders you can in the beginning of each age 1) recruit Leader, 2) build a wonder or 3) discard the card to get money. Is this possible (I mean the possibility to discard the Ruin card) in Ruins exp. too? I hope not, because otherwise everybody would dicard Ruin cards not to harm themselves, even if the idea of self-controlled-destruction is so sweet! :) Unfortunately I found nothing about it in your ENG rules.
    Would you please comment this?
    Thank you!
    Best regards and have a nice day!

    (Czech Rep.)

    • Corro

      19 avril 2013 at 12:35

      Hello jan,

      when I meant you play ruins the same way as leaders, it’s in is distribution and choice of cards. Choosing ruins is the first thing you do right after pick up your wonder and right before choose the leaders.
      You give 4 ruins cards to every one, they choose on and they pass to their left neigbourg. reapet to have 4 cards choosen (like in leaders). But instead of leaders, you don’t play them at the begening of each age, but you play all at the beggining of the game. Even before choose the leaders. You HAVE TO play 3 out of the 4 you have, and discard the fourth one, so everyone must have 3 ruins (exept the one that have the city: Turos).

  2. Jan

    21 avril 2013 at 23:00

    Hello Aurelien,

    thank you, I thought it should be something like this, now it is clear.
    I was also considering the possibility to play one ruin card in the beginning of every age, but with this the player could skip some nice disaser that each card brings, e.g. real strong Burning Shores.
    Anyhow – great idea! Maybe you could write those rules more deeply in detail to avoid this kind of questions from noobs as I am… :)

    Wish you all the best!


  3. zechn

    23 août 2013 at 10:24

    How do you print the cards so they fit in to the current cards?
    Just print onto normal paper (or even good paper) and put them into clear sleeves ist not good, you can still see wich card is printet and wich not.

    But I have to say, good work!


    • Corro

      23 août 2013 at 13:22

      is it a problem of size or a problem of color/quality?

      if size : just be sure to take the right file, A4 for standard « home » printer (the one with 4 cards per page), and A4+ if you can print it on a larger paper (for example i put two A4+ in one A3+ page)

      if it’s a problem of color/quality, it’s only depend of the quality of your printer. You’ll have to go to a professionnal printer to have ± the same quality as the original cards. print on a 300gr paper.

  4. Corro

    28 mars 2014 at 21:58

    Plus à jour, cliquez sur le lien pour la dernière version !
    Not up to date, click on the link for the last version !


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